Establishing A Foundation for A Healthy Church

An unhealthy church is unbalanced. They are often doing good things, but fail to be great because they lack balance. Many churches are driven by . . .

REMEMBER, There are no SILVER Bullets to Revitalization. 

When establishing a foundation for a healthy church remember:

Our People need to worship the Lord “in spirit and truth” (authentically and accurately). What is needed is passionate, heart-felt worship (not style) that transcends generations. At ALSBOM, we see healthy churches that are “traditional, contemporary, classic, liturgical, country, and so forth.” Again, don’t equate healthy church with music style.

What matters is being biblical & being effective. Everything man-made eventually goes out of style. The only way to always be relevant is to focus on what’s eternal. Any church that fails to fulfill the purposes Jesus established for it is not really a church!

A biblically balanced approach results in health to any size church. Remember, there is NO CORRELATION between the size and strength of a church. ALSBOM is promoting a church health strategy, not a mega-church strategy.

Regardless of where your church is located, a biblically-balanced approach will help unhealthy churches become healthy and healthy churches become healthier. The Gospel transcends location and cultures. 

The Church is the Body of Christ